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extra reading material accompanying the course "Methodology and Digital Literacy in Japanese Studies"


Fluidity of figure and space in Osamu Tezuka’s Ode to Kirihito

1 min read

Clarke, M. J. 2018. “Fluidity of Figure and Space in Osamu Tezuka’s Ode to Kirihito.” Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 9 (1): 23–48.

Zeer goed voorbeeld van het gebruik van theorie/methodologie in een wetenschappelijk artikel. Te vinden via LIMO.



1 min read

Why would readers prefer to forage the Web rather than use a well-structured book? The Web has a wider scope than any book and Google returns information faster than a trip to the bookshelf or the library.

-- Every page is page one


'... looking a bit more closely at what a “free” service does allow and does not allow is part of an important literacy that will come into play sooner or later ...'


Anatomy for First Year Computing and IT Students "foster a sense of curiosity about how stuff works"


I don't think that the "release early, release often" rule applies to lectures.


spel- en grammaticale fouten zijn weerhaken in je tekst


"citing sentences rather than sources" - Students and digital sources



1 min read

Mountains are brushes, the oceans are ink,
Heaven and earth are the case preserving the sutras,
Each stroke of a character contains everything in the universe.


-- ninth-century Japanese monk